Fuck Yeah Danny Duncan is dedicated to one badass drummer!! Danny plays for WE the Kings, a band from Bradenton, Florida!!

I mostly post pix of Danny, but every now and then will slip in some of the band(group or individual) and I will post ones that I take at shows.

9th September 2014

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19th August 2014

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the loves of my life!!

btw these are my grandbabies!! arent they adorable!

19th August 2014

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MILE HIGH CLUB??? (08-14-14) [230] 

this is so adorable!! :)

8th August 2014

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Dusty Lee

I miss Dusty Lee

27th July 2014

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Anonymous said: I'm looking for awesome DLV and CTFXC blogs! Can you tell me yours and why!

not sure I know what you are asking. but I started running this about 5-6 yrs ago when the person who originally made it didnt want to do it anymore and posted that she was looking to give it to someone else. So I decided to do it and have been running it ever since. Danny knows I run it! I try to do a good job with it cuz I know his(and WTK) fans are very dedicated! 

27th July 2014

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can-wenot said: hi! do you happen to know of any vids of Danny playing the drums with a broken arm? I can't find any and I've asked other people. Thanks!

I tried looking too and couldnt find anything. maybe my followers can help out. 

26th July 2014


Anonymous said: Post a few pictures of Danny and Lindsey in high school??

Sorry I dont have any of Lindsey and only a few of Danny during his school years. I will try to put something together of those pix and post them. 

24th July 2014

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had these 2 pix on my dashboard right next to each other! just thought it was too cute to pass up posting! 

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23rd July 2014

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yep there they are……. Tour Husbands!! 

yep there they are……. Tour Husbands!! 

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23rd July 2014

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got the guys some gifts for my last warped date(which is a tradition)! Im pretty sure by the look on their faces they loved them!! I think its gonna be in both Danny and Charles’s vlogs as well!!

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